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09 July 2014 @ 12:13 pm
Hi everybody!
How are you doing?

It’s was my birthday a little more than a week ago. And I can say I had a GREAT time with my friends and family. Thanks to them a lot foe my party.
I got a lot of Amazon gift cards, cause I ♥reading a lot.
And a lot of flowers as well. There were more than 10 bouquets. Here are 2 favs of mine.
The 1st from my lovely boyfriend

And the 2nd form my co-workers. It's beautifu compositon of natural and  flowers

Also watched Brazil-Germany tonight. So amazing game and the score was totally unexpected for me. I want to congrats all Germany fans you have awesome team.

Hope you have a good time.
04 June 2014 @ 04:56 pm
Long time, no see. Hi everybody.
It have been really a while since I posted something about my life here.
So I want to share with a wonderful news (for me they are).
#1- I made a blood donation today for children who have a differnet types of cancer. And I'm very proud of myself. It was already my 3rd donation. And today I became Honourable Donor and Dr. even stamped my passport with that. I'm very hope that will help to save someone's life.

#2-And the second news is that I will leave you in August for 3 weeks at least. It'll be my vocation and I'm going for a little Euro tour with my friends. It has to start August, 4th and end August,24th.
I'll try to post images from each country I will be( I hope local hotels and coffes has a wi-fi).
There is a little program of my tour:
Warsaw (1 day)-->Berlin(1 day)-->Paris(3 days)-->Nice(3 days)-->Costa Brava(6 days)-->Venice (2 days)--Vienna(1 day) and back to Moscow.
07 February 2014 @ 08:45 pm
Great openning ceremony.
28 October 2013 @ 07:46 pm
I borrowed idea by setentpet hope you don't mind.
So, who wants a Xmas\holiday card from me? It is still 2 months away, butfor some reason when I send them in 2 weeks before a holiday they come in 2 months after it. So this year I decided to make it in advance.
If you suddenly want to send me a card too, I won't be mind.
So if you would like a Christmas\Holiday card jus PM me witj your your name and address or leave a comment here (screened).
20 September 2013 @ 07:59 pm
Hi everyone! I just want to share my GREAT news with you.
First of all I got a job at Microsoft Support in Russia. OMG!
You have no idea how happy I am right now. So congrats me!
I hope I will work there a long time because it's the work of my dream.
Amd I still can't believe it.

And second I wanna to create a new elite community dedicated for the
Who with me? I need 2 or even 3 mods. Leave a comment here if you wanna be a mod.
15 October 2012 @ 10:33 pm

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10 October 2012 @ 08:06 pm
Hi everyone! I'm so so so so happy right now. Because I have two tickets to a soccer match between Russia national team and Portugal national team in a framework Fifa world cup qualification. I will see Crisiano Ronaldo!!! WOW! I looking forward to friday night. It's not my first soccer match but it's most important than previously games.I' jumping right now like crazy, realy. Thank you, daddy I LOVE SO MUCH. One of the best presents.
Look at it. Golden.
15 September 2012 @ 09:42 am
19 May 2012 @ 08:29 pm
Оригинал взят у simascrap в post
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