I am back!

Hi everyone!
I am back from my 2 weeks honeymoon.(I wish it could last longer). But real life and job are waiting for us.
So soon enough I will post some tutorials and hopfully new icons)))
And here are some pictures from my phone (instagram) from SriLanka. Who isinteresting.
Have a fun weekend!
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Avengers age of ultron

Will See It In 30 Minuties

Update: I Saw It!!! And It Was Awesome I Love To Hate You Wheadon!
I Just Can't Describe what is in my head right now. Everyone did great job!


Hunger Games!

I Am heading home from cinema!!!
I have no words for that movie. AWESOME from Dean Winchester is not enough.
I Want to watch it again. And I will the day after tomorrow with my friends from University.
If you havn't it yet you just MUST to see it! There were a LOT Of tears and laughs!
OMG I LOVE THIS MOVIE. All cast was amazing.


I'm back!

Ho everyone! I'm finally back. Ectuallu I was back 2 days already but I had no time to post here.
I have more than 4000 photos on my flash drive. So I've sorted them in the cities and countries. It's a lot of photos but I'll show you my favs from each city and country.
What can I say? It was AMAZING vacation. I want to back to all og that countreis I
learned about the culture oа these countries and ofcause I eat national food. Everywhere food was yuammy but I liked France more. There is no question that I'll return there. It's very beautiful country and Paris is the one of the most beautiful cities I've been.
But my next vacation will be in the Alps' Lakes. I'm in love with that place. I was there about 3 hours but it was enouth for me.

So now some photos with little comments.
First country and city was Poland- Warsaw. We
managed to visit only "Old city" and because of that I have photos from that place only. It's very beautiful place and when you're going through street of the Old city you feel like you have moved several centuries ago.
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Next station was Germany-Berlin.
I can say this city is very green. Everywhre green parks, fountains and beautiful views. I and my friends also went to the Brlin Zoo. It was fun because I havn't been in the Zoo since 10 years old.
And ofcause I drunk beer and eat sausages. It was the best beer in my life. And also we went to the Retter sport shop. I love chocolate very very very much. So it was heaven for me. I bought a whole bag there.
Now time for photos.
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Next was Belgium-Brussel.
We have decided sacrifice one day of our vacation and went stright to Brussel.
It's small but beautiful city. I didn't expect that. We saw  Petit Julien. And ofcause I eat belgian waffles with dark chocolate and I'm more than ready to back there only for that
waffles. We didn't see grand palace flower carpet but preparations were in full swing.
Photos are under the cut:
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And finally next country was France-Paris.
3 days for Paris isn't enough I'd stay there for a months not sure about years.)))
It reaaly the most romantic city in the World. With all of that cafes, night walking on Elysian Fields and ofcause Eiffel Tower.
I have one more good news linked to this place but it will be in the end of that post. We ofcause eat Boeuf bourguignon and drunk red wine.
We managed to visit a lot of places there. Louvre Musseum, Versailles, Triumphal Arch of Napoleon, Notre-Dame and ect.
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Next theng was the rest in Spain. Costa Brava sun, sand and sea. We spend one day at Barcelona and one day at Port Aventura.
The other 4 days was only beach and sea so there is no much photos from there so and fron Nice.
Barcelona beautiful city as well but I woudn't back there again for me it's city for one time and one day.
We saw Sagrada Familia it's the most beautiful
temple I have ever seen but for me this is it. There are a lot of amazing Gaud's creations but there wasn't anything I'd impressed even  Gothic Quarter.
Here some photos from Barcelona and Lloret de Mar.
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After Spain we went to France  but this time it was Nice. We were there 3 days and we spend all of them in the beach again))).
Before that we visited Fragonard(it's parfume plant and museum).
There some photo as well.
1st one is the house of Paganini
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Next and pre last station was Italy-Venice.
Like for Paris isn't enough 3 days so and for Venis isn't enough only ONE DAY.
It's 2nd after Paris most romentic place. Ecpecially when you're floating on a gondola with your second part♥.
There is damp but there does not stink it's a mith. I hope that each of you one day will visit this magic place. There we eat lasgna and pasta.
Time for some photos:
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And last station was Austria-Wien.
This is the city I could live, really. It's beutiful,small but very comfortable and simple place at the same time.
We drunk coffee there and eat Sachertorte for dessert. And ofcause like I said earlier we were at Alps for fewa hours.
Where I plan to go in next year for my vacation.

And as always photos:*
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Remeber I mentioned one good news at Paris part?
So this part is..... I'm getting married!
And my boyfriend fiance did propose to me just like in movies in front of Eiffel Tower.
It's not customary in Russia to make propose or getting engaged. But Dmitriy said that he wanted to do something unusual. And he did it. Actually he took me by surprise. It was without engagement ring how I said it's not customary.
We were standing near Tower and then Dmitriy went for ice-cream. When he returned with two ice-creams he hand me one of them with the flag toothpick where was the inscription "Will you merry me?"
It was in Russian ofcause but still I totally havn't expected it.
So think you can congrats me)))

I'm very happy right now, it was the best vacation in my life! Hope you miss me while I was gone.


Hi everybody!
How are you doing?

It’s was my birthday a little more than a week ago. And I can say I had a GREAT time with my friends and family. Thanks to them a lot foe my party.
I got a lot of Amazon gift cards, cause I ♥reading a lot.
And a lot of flowers as well. There were more than 10 bouquets. Here are 2 favs of mine.
The 1st from my lovely boyfriend

And the 2nd form my co-workers. It's beautifu compositon of natural and  flowers

Also watched Brazil-Germany tonight. So amazing game and the score was totally unexpected for me. I want to congrats all Germany fans you have awesome team.

Hope you have a good time.

Hey you... I know what you gonna do

Long time, no see. Hi everybody.
It have been really a while since I posted something about my life here.
So I want to share with a wonderful news (for me they are).
#1- I made a blood donation today for children who have a differnet types of cancer. And I'm very proud of myself. It was already my 3rd donation. And today I became Honourable Donor and Dr. even stamped my passport with that. I'm very hope that will help to save someone's life.

#2-And the second news is that I will leave you in August for 3 weeks at least. It'll be my vocation and I'm going for a little Euro tour with my friends. It has to start August, 4th and end August,24th.
I'll try to post images from each country I will be( I hope local hotels and coffes has a wi-fi).
There is a little program of my tour:
Warsaw (1 day)-->Berlin(1 day)-->Paris(3 days)-->Nice(3 days)-->Costa Brava(6 days)-->Venice (2 days)--Vienna(1 day) and back to Moscow.

XMAS cards!

I borrowed idea by setentpet hope you don't mind.
So, who wants a Xmas\holiday card from me? It is still 2 months away, butfor some reason when I send them in 2 weeks before a holiday they come in 2 months after it. So this year I decided to make it in advance.
If you suddenly want to send me a card too, I won't be mind.
So if you would like a Christmas\Holiday card jus PM me witj your your name and address or leave a comment here (screened).