Kseniya(Ksu) (second_love) wrote,

Hey you... I know what you gonna do

Long time, no see. Hi everybody.
It have been really a while since I posted something about my life here.
So I want to share with a wonderful news (for me they are).
#1- I made a blood donation today for children who have a differnet types of cancer. And I'm very proud of myself. It was already my 3rd donation. And today I became Honourable Donor and Dr. even stamped my passport with that. I'm very hope that will help to save someone's life.

#2-And the second news is that I will leave you in August for 3 weeks at least. It'll be my vocation and I'm going for a little Euro tour with my friends. It has to start August, 4th and end August,24th.
I'll try to post images from each country I will be( I hope local hotels and coffes has a wi-fi).
There is a little program of my tour:
Warsaw (1 day)-->Berlin(1 day)-->Paris(3 days)-->Nice(3 days)-->Costa Brava(6 days)-->Venice (2 days)--Vienna(1 day) and back to Moscow.
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